The Headmistress Roleplay


The headmistress is a refine educated and sophisticated lady who takes her role of the headmistress very seriously.  She will turn your fantasy into reality; reliving your school days. 


This headmistress has excellent experience administering punishment to naughty school boys and girls.


She will not tolerate bad behaviour or poor school results. She hates laziness, untidiness, rudeness, unpunctuality, smoking, swearing, playing truant and general bad behaviour and, most especially, naughty boys caught with their hands down their trousers playing with themselves.


The headmistress offers a one to one service and welcomes nervous and first time pupils. She can be very caring and maternal to the nervous pupils.  Her punishments range from very mild to the more severe for the very naughty pupil. She can be a very strict disciplinarian or the tender primary school teacher.

She will show you the error of your ways and  she will punish you  in her own special way.  Bending you over her  knee spanking  your bottom is compulsory and you shall  be shown the error of your ways.    

The headmistress will cater for all schoolroom fatansies and scenarios. Please ask her and she will try to accomodate your fetish or fantasy.