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As a mistress in Marylebone, I am pleased to offer a wide variety of fetishes such as Caning, Tie and Tease, Strappon, Cross-dressing, Roleplay, CBT and many more.


I have over 8 years of experience as a Mistress in Marylebone and will have many more years. I love hearing about your fetish.


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Caning Mistress in London –
Mistress Charlotte gives 6 of the best


Caning email received 30-06-2019


Hi Mistress Charlotte


This is Mr P. We met just over a week ago while I was in London and had an incredible caning session plus a couple of very wonderful motions.


Given your love of caning, I thought you’d appreciate my update...!


I recall at one point I was wearing both satin panties as well as a satin skirt, so 2 layers of protection (which is more than I usually have). However, despite the extra protection you still managed to make me yelp out in pain and gasp for breath as you gave me 6 of the best towards the end of our time together. !!


At the time I thought I was just being a bit of a wimp but then I found to my delight the following day another surprise. After years of beatings I find that I don’t get cane welts over the apple of my backside. They only appear further round my cheeks if a cane wraps. So it was with a great deal of pleasure (and admiration at your technique) that I discovered 6 sets of parallel tram lines right across the apple of my backside. Hasn’t happened since I can remember and after a week they are still clearly visible.


I can only conclude that those 6 strokes must - genuinely - have been the most severe (and accurate) caning I have ever had.


Not sure if you remember, but I’d love to know how hard you felt you caned me relative to your own scale?!!


And while it may be best not to take too many at that level of intensity (to avoid marking too deeply) I do think you have to promise to give me another 6 like that on my next visit.


Thanks again for an incredible night. One intense motion, then the caning of my life as a warm up to an intensely pleasurable second motion.




Charlotte’s Cuckold


The early afternoon sun streams through the window as I look out onto the street. Black coat… that’s him. I check my phone, one minute to, he begins crossing the street.


Two o'clock. Buzz.




“Mistress Charlotte?” Prompt, that pleases me …


“Push the door.” I press the button and hear him in the hallway of my Marylebone lair.


Nervously he enters, peering around the door; he halts in his tracks. Gaze fixed on my heaving bosom, I know instantly he will do my bidding.


“Are you in your chastity cage?”. His lips, suddenly parched, tremble.


“Yes, Mistress Charlotte”. “Good. Give me the keys.” Hands delve into pockets; a stern eye roll focuses him and suddenly they appear.


“Is this all of them?” “Yes, Mistress Charlotte.”


“Ok. Freshen up and come in; be quick about it.”


“We have a good one here. He is going to crumble when he sees you.” She says, “I love surprises!” We top up our glasses as we hear the shower switch off.


“He has no idea?”




Footsteps approach and gingerly the door opens, revealing the sheepish ‘Sub’. Neither in nor out; he freezes.


“This is him Heather. The chastity toy I was telling you about. Greet our guest.”


I lead him across the room.


“Show her your cage. She has never seen one before.” Getting up to meet him, grabbing him by the balls.


“This is interesting. Chastity you say Mistress Charlotte. All new to me” Leaning in.


“I’m a lucky girl you see. I Have all the cock I want, any size I want...” with a wiggle of his cage “...and I wouldn’t want that.”


“Tell Heather who you are.”


“I am Busty Mistress Charlotte’s cuckold.”


“And what do you do?”


“I serve Busty Mistress Charlotte. My purpose is to make her life easier”


“Why do you do that?”


“I do it because Busty Mistress Charlotte is my muse and inspiration.”


“Ahhh, good, you are coming along nicely. Stand in the corner.”


Sitting next to Heather I fix him a stare. Rearranging my lace embroidered bra, I can feel him being drawn in.


“Now, as he said, he is my cuckold and does the occasional odd job, we are working on that. But mainly he ensures I get as much pleasure as I want. He, sorry It, on the other hand, must get its pleasure from service, suffering, my presence alone.”


Glasses empty I summon him. Bent pouring I breathe in to his ear:


“Today you will learn to take pleasure from my pleasure.”


A twitch of his cage. There are no secrets or bluffs in the buff, he has given himself away. I rise stroking Heathers back, leading her to the bedroom, our heels echo along the wood floor as our cuck collects the glasses. A wry smile crosses my ruby lips as I think of how we are going to corrupt our little corner of London.


I unhook my bra and guide her hands across my breasts, leading them to where the lightest of touches sets my heart racing. Running my fingers up her thigh, gently squeezing, I lower her frilled panties. Cupping my palm, I slap it against her pussy, holding it tight and pressing down with the heel against her clit.


Heather startles, “Mistress Charlotte.”


I bring her head back towards my chest, encouraging deep kisses for my nipples as her hands wander down my slender midriff. Cradling her I guide us across to the bed, my head propped up on the plump pillows, as she continues worshipping me. Her hand slides under the lace of my panties and begins slides them down as kisses trace across my stomach. Then, ah yes! the warm breathe against my pussy.


Quietly he enters, mindful not to interrupt us. Placing our drinks on the bedside table I wave him back towards the door and a corner from where he can watch. I have no use for him at the moment, beside the thought of his frustration at the struggle against the chastity cage and how sexy is the control. As he retreats I feel the gentle kisses against my lips, soft and full, waiting for a response, a flinch, a sign they are doing a good job.


I let out a quiet moan, they are on the right track. Fuller and firmer now and my heart skips a beat. Long strokes of her tongue and then Heather wraps her mouth around my clit, a ring of pressure to grind against. Driving my pelvis against her, arching my back or crunching my stomach, consuming pleasure as I hit sweeter and sweeter spots. Losing track of whether my movements are voluntary or not. I am sure she mumbles “Mistress Charlotte”, running my fingers through her hair, I hold her steady, letting her know she is doing a good job. My heart pounding, I pin Heather’s head to my loins, gyrating against her face, clit swelling. Suddenly I am stiffened by jolts of ecstasy, her tongue begins to nudge my clit, rolling up the right side. My eyes open and I fix on my cuck, blocking the world out, waves of pleasure roll up my body. “Right there, make Mistress cum” I pant, breathless and lost to the moment. My thighs clench against her cheeks, the crescendo builds, gazing at my cuck, his vision locked with mine, property of Busty Mistress Charlotte, euphoria, a low moan escapes my bitten lips.


As I push Heather’s head away from my pussy, I see my cuck’s cock twitching in the shadow.


“Bring us our drinks.”


“Yes Mistress Charlotte.”


Striding over, I can see his swollen penis, bulging through the gaps in his cage, reddening from the strain.


“Wait there.” I sip my drunk, wrapping an arm around Heather as she nuzzles my breasts, “You are going to want to see this.”


Placing my glass on the bedside table, I reach into the top draw for my magic wand. I look up at him from my bed, so vulnerable, a cruel smile forms as I pretend to fiddle with the settings. I know it is going on maximum, I am sure he does as well! “The beauty of the cage is it turns pleasure in to frustration and frustration in to submission. This is why I insist my subs wear one.” Flicking the wand against the base of his penis.


“So what happens now Mistress Charlotte?”


Tuning to her, hushed, over the whirr of the vibrator,


“Not a lot. Ha! There is nowhere for him to go, the vibrations will run around the cage, encasing his cock, forcing it to grow. Look you can see it swelling through the slats. It will twitch and dance, then he will moan, first with pleasure, then with each moan more pain will creep in. Am I right bitch?!”


“Yes Mistress Charlotte.”


“His knees are buckling now, he is doubling up, he does not want to cum. Stand straight!”


I roll the wand across the head of the cage, probing for the bitterest moan. Easing the pressure. I grin to Heather, “5...4...better cum quick...3...2...1...unlucky.” Pulling the wand away I see the desperation written across his face, nowhere to hide it.


“Hahahaha, oh my god. Look at him Mistress. That's fantastic, is he gonna cry?!” I could feel sorry for that pained expression, but I know it is what he wants. Under it he has become more submissive.


“Maybe. But he will be doing so somewhere. Get changed.”


Sat in my robe I inspect him as he quickly gets dressed. Jacket on he pauses in the doorway. “What is it? Do not spoil a great afternoon.”


“My keys Mistress Charlotte” he mumbles.


“What about them.” Faking concern I pick up a magazine as a token gesture of looking. “Look they are about somewhere and you do not have time left to search.” His head dropping in acceptance I escort him to the front door.


“I am sure they will show up before your next visit.”


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